It all started when I ditched my job. Classic story–I was miserable. I felt overworked, under appreciated and like I’d lost a part of my soul.

A college course catalog showed up in mailbox. As I flipped through it, I couldn’t believe how many classes piqued my interest. I became obsessed with wanting to learn new things. I signed up for classes. Lots of classes.

The courses varied in subject and spanned 3 different institutions. I took Voice-Over: Learn to Find Your Inner Voice, Introduction to Sustainability, 3D Modeling, Gemology, Human Centered Design and An Introduction to Digital Fabrication. Before I knew it, I was pretty much a full time student. And I was happy.

One day it hit me. For my homework, I could render a 3D model of a ring that could be digitally printed, thereby combining the assignments and knowledge from 3 of my classes.

…and that’s when I fell in love with jewelry design.



Owner, Designer, Photographer

You probably already know some of the work I’ve done for others. I’ve been designing behind the scenes creating designer perfume packaging, candles and even yogurt. I wanted to design a brand I could call my own so I created Tenth + Buttercup.

How to Care for Your 14k Gold Plated or 14k Rose Gold Plated Jewelry

Proper care is suggested to extend the life of your precious metal plated jewelry. Our 14k gold & rose gold plated pieces are treated with a coating to enhance durability, but can still scratch or wear through.

  • Put your jewelry on after you’ve applied your perfume, make up & lotions.
  • Remove your jewelry when cleaning & doing household chores. Household cleaning products cause damage.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry to the in the pool, spa or hot tub.
  • Take off your rings while preparing food. Some fruits & vegetables can be acidic.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry while working out.
  • Clean gently with cotton. Do not rub hard.
  • Store in a soft cloth pouch