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Mommy Rings are Here!

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When I first launched Tenth + Buttercup, I almost immediately received a Facebook message from an ex-colleague who suggested that I create Mommy Rings. (A big thank you goes out to her for the idea!) She thought the design of my word rings was great for this–especially for new moms and those with younger ones, since they don’t have any sharp edges or stones that can scratch or cut a baby, or catch when changing diapers.

Well, I finally did it! I used my sister as a guinea pig. She got them yesterday and loves them! See for yourself. Here’s my #regram of her instagram post.


If you’re a new mommy, mother, grandma or even dad and would like your own set of rings, check out my listing here on etsy.

I can design almost any name or word on a ring for you. Your child’s name, your grandchild’s name, your own name, your pet’s name…or any words that you live by or that inspire you. What’s your word?

Check out my etsy shop and look at any of my word ring listings. If you’d like a made-to-order for you or your loved ones, click on a listing for any of my word rings. You’ll see a “Request a custom order” in blue just below the listing photo. Click on there to describe your ring, ask questions and to begin your order.

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Meet Buttercup–muse, design assistant and feminist kitty.  Happy Caturday!

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And it’s Caturday!

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Do you love cats?  Do you like helping helpless animals? Why not celebrate Caturday with some feline jewelry? I donate 10% of the profits of each purchase from the feline section of my Etsy shop to the ASPCA. Check it out and SHOP MEOW 🙂

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New Pink Pussycats for Spring

Spring is finally here! The change of season brings color back into the landscape and back into our wardrobes. I created this fun collection of pink pussycat jewelry to celebrate the warmer weather, bright color, my love of cats and my continued commitment to the women’s march and women’s rights.

If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle, warm weather alternative to your pink pussyhat, or just love color or cats, check out my Etsy Shop.

The pussycat faces are made from laser cut fluorescent pink acrylic. The whisker details are laser engraved. I learned about this process in a digital fabrication class at Cooper Union and was inspired to create my own design.

I took the larger pink pussy cat earrings out for a spin. Here I am, modeling them on West 17th Street. For those of you who are Younger fans, check out the sign behind me. It appears that they will be shooting Younger Season 4 this Tuesday in the neighborhood.

New Pink Pussy Earrings for Spring #pussygrabsback #resist

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Caturday 2.0

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