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My 1st Instagram video and the B roll

When I was getting cat treats in KMart the other day, I noticed they had a huge assortment of Peeps. A light went off in my head and I had an idea…I thought they could make a cool backdrop for an Instagram shot of my rings.

Today, as I set them up, I decided to take it a step further and to make my first instagram video.

DIRECTOR’S NOTES (haha): My concept was to have a box of blue bunnies surrounding one pink bunny. Symbolically, this represents women in congress, women in ceo positions, women in tech, etc. etc, way too many valid references. The camera would pan into the pink bunny and you’d see that she’s wearing a “persist” ring necklace, reminding us to persist. This, in reference to the comment Senator Mitch McConnell made to Senator Elizabeth Warren, (likely meant to be an insult) that has become a female empowerment mantra:

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

I had many attempts, many many attempts before getting it right, some would call this the B Roll, but I think they are more like “Bloopers”.

In my apartment, a curious cat always manages to get in for a photobomb. Little Bear’s paw makes its debut this time.

In my next 7 takes, which I won’t bore your with, I realized that the TV was on and “Days of Our Lives” was playing in the background. Then next 3 takes, somehow I managed to shoot wide screen and the video was sideways.

I finally thought I had a winner, but if you look at the opening, my bare feet are visible at the bottom of the screen.

Yikes!! Sorry you had to see that.

An hour later I finally had a winner. Watch here on Instagram

I hope you like it. Oh, and visit my Etsy Shop and buy a Persist Ring!

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